Closing the Gaps in Cancer Care

Coreo is a technology, communications and education platform designed to close the gaps that can lead to catastrophic results and dramatically increased costs.

The Problem We Solve

20 million at greater risk of death from cancer treatment than cancer

Cancer is a complex issue to deal with…both physically and emotionally. Coordination between the patient, the PCP and the cancer specialist is especially important. Any gaps in communication can lead to catastrophic results and dramatically increased costs. And, many times the patient survives cancer only to die from the treatment, which can be prevented.

Lack of Monitoring

  • 59% of patients with cancer at greater risk of developing heart failure
  • Percentage is rapidly growing with increased use of targeted therapy drugs
  • Lack of properly evaluating and monitoring these at-risk patients in active cancer treatment

Communication Gaps

  • Poor care management due to lack of primary care physician (PCP)-oncologist communication

  • Lack of PCP involvement during active cancer treatment

Lack of Knowledge

  • Lack of PCP knowledge and preparedness to better monitor and care for their patients in active cancer treatment
  • Lack of patient awareness and education on risk, montoring and self care

Our Solution

Coreo is a company that is focusing on solving this problem through a technology communications and education platform that connects the three principal participants and introduces a care coordinator to the mix. Our technology brings together the essential data from the EHR with the care plans from the cancer specialist and education from trusted sources to better communicate and educate all three parties. Our care coordination dashboard allows care coordinators to better understand which patients might be at risk and why and allows them to instantly notify the patient, the PCP and the specialist of these situations.

Utilizing Registered Nurses (RN) to work at the top of their scope, managing oncology patients’ schedules, studies, medication reactions, prior authorizations and patient/family teaching is absolutely the right fit for any oncology practice. It is crucial that the patient not get lost in the complexity of cancer care, and RNs are perfectly trained and positioned to provide the holistic attention to keep these patients safe, informed and ultimately well.

Allison Dimsdale, DNP, NP-C, AACC, FAANP
Associate Vice President, Duke Health Integrated Practice
Nurse Practitioner
Duke University School of Medicine

About Coreo

This product was borne out of a practical need from our founder who experienced this crisis first hand. She was determined to create a solution to help others avoid the emotional impact that she experienced. She is an experienced healthcare administrator who understands how the medical system works and where and why it doesn’t. She is applying this in-depth knowledge to the medical community. Learn more about the motivation behind the creation of Coreo and the meet the team.

Our Vision

Coreo aims to revolutionize oncology care management by solving communication barriers across the cancer care continuum that result in poor patient safety, harm, and death.

Together, we can save lives.