The Coreo Solution

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Coreo is focused on solving this problem through a technology communications and education platform that connects the three principal participants; the Patient, the Primary Care Physician, and the Cancer Specialist and introduces an Oncology Nurse Navigator (ONN).

Our technology brings together the essential data from the Electronic Health Record (EHR) with the care plan from the oncologist to formulate a personalized Coreo experience. The technology is supported by the human element to foster relationship building across the entire care team while engaging with and nurturing an empowered, autonomous patient. Culturally sensitive education from trusted sources is provided to better educate and facilitate enhanced patient-provider communications.

Our solution optimizes the role of the nurse navigator to improve communications across silos in care. We achieve this through our care coordinator dashboard enabling ONNs to better manage their patients and be alerted to their patient’s level of risk and emergent needs; allowing the ONN along with automated features to instantly notify the patient, the PCP and the oncologist of these situations as appropriate. Education is provided to these principal participants to enhance communications, clinical decision support and care management.

The ONN uses the platform to oversee all alerts and communications while closing communication loops to facilitate coordinated care; ensuring the patient receives the right care at the right time. This results in improved patient outcomes benefiting healthcare systems by driving the high use of services that negatively impact reimbursement and escalating payer costs down to maximize profits.

“This is such an important area where there is just not really anything that I’ve seen that helps to support patients and families in the ways that this would. These are the kinds of things I have often thought about wanting to see in this type of application and not yet being able to see somebody do something like this so hopefully this is the time then.”

Dr. Thomas LeBlanc

The Coreo Platform Features

The Coreo platform provides the best coordination of care incorporating the following features.

EHR Integration

Electronic Health Record (EHR) integration for a proactive and dynamic macro view of care that identifies and integrates all elements into one singular location.


Communications among patients, families/caregiver, PCP, cancer specialist, extended care team.

Remote Patient Monitoring

Remote Patient Monitoring for timely evaluation and treatment of at-risk patients mitigating unnecessary and preventable deaths.


Culturally sensitive patient-provider education and instruction that inform and illicit enhanced communications between patient/family and physician care team.

Virtual Forum

Virtual Forum for concordant care planning and management.

Our Value

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